The real translation is clear, it does not gloss over the original one, it does not shadow it,
but it releases all the more on the original one,
as strengthened by its own mean,
the light of the pure language

Walter Benjamin


Bonadies-Traduzioni was born from the wish of an excited linguist, Rosangela Bonadies, its creator and responsible, in cooperation with qualified mother-tongue free-lancers. After getting her degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures care of University of Bari, she matured, autonomously, several work and training experiences in the sector of tourism, trade and teaching.

Thanks to the academic and work experiences, BONADIES TRADUZIONI can now provide a range of language qualified and professional services.

The “core business” of Bonadies-Traduzioni is mainly based on the sector of translation and on the service of exibition support and of workshop participation.

Bonadies-Traduzioni is working with the following European languages: English - French - German and Spanish.

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